Just Launched: tnAchieves.org

We recently launched a new website for tnAchieves, a local organization that seeks to give back to high school graduates in Tennessee: tnAchieves.org. This privately funded program gives students a chance to go to community college for two years by providing funding to fill the gap between any financial aid they are receiving and the total cost of tuition.

Since its inception in 2008, tnAchieves has given over 34,000 high school students across Tennessee the opportunity to attend community college at no cost to them, with mentor support. This quickly growing organization currently serves 23 counties, including 115 high schools across Tennessee.

The overall goal for the new website was to create a well-designed and functional site that would equip the tnAchieves team to significantly improve its operations, communications and ability to track student and mentor activities. The new website was also built to help solidify the growing organization’s brand and increase its ability to recruit participants, all through a system designed to scale up and handle a growing database of participants.

tnAchieves wanted an online portal that would allow site admins to keep track of all students and visitors and strategically target emails. In order to do that, our team fully redesigned the website so that it could be easily managed by the staff within the award winning MODx content management system (CMS). We designed the site to include a clean, vertical design approach to help sub brand sections of the site to specifically address all of tnAchieves’ stakeholders, including prospective students, current students, mentors and potential investors.

In addition to a CMS-driven website, Pyxl also created a custom developed tnAchieves online management system that allows the staff to manage all mentor and student records, associations and email communications. This system allows the  tnAchieves staff to bring its operations online and equips staff to efficiently handle the growing amount of student and mentor participants. This database allows tnAchieves to create custom reports based on year, school, volunteer activity, etc. so that it may better target emails.

Make sure to check out the new website to stay up date on the organization’s progress, sign up for the program, or become a mentor!

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    (link is pointing to tnachieves.com, not .org)

  • Fixed! Thanks for bringing it to our attention :)

  • Congrats and doing great hope you can build good base for coming younger generation which will lead to a powerful nation.