video for healthcare marketing

7 Tips on Integrating Video into Healthcare Marketing

Creating engaging, dynamic and interesting content in healthcare digital marketing is all about being unique. In a space heavily influenced by regulation, professionalism and compliance, this is sometimes a difficult task – hence the overwhelming amount of cookie-cutter approaches to healthcare digital marketing.

One of the best ways you can immediately begin to cut through the noise, distinguish your organization and tell your brand’s story is through video.

Be Informative

No need to beat around the bush in your video strategy. First, identify goals and directives that you’re aiming to hit with your video(s). If you want to create awareness, make sure every element of the video is informational. If your goal is to create an educational resource, make sure your video explains the topic in the most efficient, simplistic and tasteful way possible. You don’t want to put out a video just to have video content. Video can be a powerful tool if it has a directive and a goal, but it can also harm your digital marketing efforts if it lacks depth and valuable information.

Be Straightforward

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your video strategy is being vague – using hazy language and not fully explaining what problems your organization solves. Another mistake is using too many buzzwords, overly technical language and not speaking with your audience. Users are looking to be convinced, so provide easy-to-understand information directly to them without using flowery or complicated language.

Consider Animation

It’s no secret that there’s a certain complexity to the products and service offerings with

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