In 2008, Carpathia® asked us to help them kick-start their business strategy related to their digital marketing initiatives. Aside from having a website, the company’s marketing investments and returns were minimal. Leadership knew in order to compete in the growing enterprise, managed hosting and cloud industry, they would need to become more aggressive in the digital space. That’s just what we helped them do.


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Since 2008, Pyxl’s team has acted as Carpathia’s outsourced marketing team, working hand-in-hand with their CMO and internal marketing team to provide a full range of business strategy, digital and inbound marketing services. Over the years, we’ve designed and developed a variety of web properties – including multiple phases of the corporate website and an array of vertical-focused microsites designed to engage specific audiences.

We've written thousands of pages of content, created and managed social accounts and online communities and implemented numerous targeted digital marketing and PR campaigns. We’ve gathered around whiteboards and spreadsheets, led business strategy calls and brainstorming meetings, all the while obsessively focusing on and measuring each and every initiative and constantly refining our approach.

What’s the result? We’re proud to say that today, Carpathia is one of the fastest growing managed hosting companies in the US and has even been referred to as a “hosting superpower.” Over the past seven years, Carpathia's revenue has grown 900%. With a worldwide customer base and one of the most heavily trafficked websites in the industry, Pyxl and Carpathia have built significant results with their marketing investment.

“Over the years, Pyxl has become a true extension of Carpathia's marketing team. They've worked hard to understand our business and our goals, and have continually helped us refine our approach to digital marketing -- campaign by campaign. The strong emphasis they place on measuring each and every initiative has really helped us see a significant return on our marketing investment." 

Kelly White, Marketing Manager