Zach Knott

Proposal Writer

Zach is a Proposal Writer at Pyxl, where he collaborates with each of the departments to form proposals for new and pre-existing customers. His role is to get customers excited about products and services by showcasing the talented team at Pyxl. He unexplainably relishes the challenge of translating ideas into tightly crafted words.

Although raised in Alabama, Zach grew up wearing Volunteer orange and was eventually able to graduate from The University of Tennessee with degrees in Journalism & Electronic Media and Political Science. Zach served in the U.S. Air Force, wrote freelance magazine features, bartended, and worked in construction prior to finding a home with the Pyxl team.

Zach has an iPod playlist that includes Merle Haggard, Hootie & the Blowfish, Otis Redding, Outkast, and Iggy Pop. He believes Die Hard is the best movie in the following genres: Action, Christmas, and Of All Time. Outside of work, he’s usually found on the golf course, at a swimming pool, or hosting cookouts.

  • Air Force Veteran

  • Beard For Life

  • UT Grad

  • Fiction Writer

  • Comedy Nerd

  • Former Bartender