Creed Huckaby

Managing Director, Knoxville

Creed is the Managing Director of Pyxl's Knoxville office, where he oversees day-to-day operations and leads Pyxl’s business development and growth in the East. In this role, he also works closely with clients to develop digital marketing strategies, to create dynamic web properties and to implement mission critical systems that line up directly to their business goals.

Previously he was the Director of Web Technologies at Pyxl, where he implemented custom technical solutions and led the web development team. He began doing freelance web design while in high school and studied both computer science and psychology at the University of Tennessee.

Before joining the Pyxl team, Creed worked at U30 Group, Inc., where he programmed and developed platforms for online communities for the purpose of market research. Creed has played a major part in many consumer insights research projects for companies such as Coca Cola, Starbucks, Nike, ESPN and MillerCoors.

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  • North Carolina Raised

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  • Buffalo Chicken Connoisseur

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