We Made the Inc. 5000. So, What Do We Chalk Our Success Up To?

Well, we made the Inc. 5000 list. To say we are excited would be an understatement. We’ve had customers make the list, and we’ve celebrated with them, but now we are hoping you will help us celebrate a big achievement in Pyxl’s history.

Pyxl was founded in 2008 as a business that was going to do 3 things (actually many, many more but these are the big ones). One, we were going to be a digital marketing services firm that was focused on measurable results for our customers. Two, we were going to create a work atmosphere that catered to creativity and personal responsibility for all employees. And three, we wanted to create a business that was so customer focused we felt like we were an extension of our customers’ teams and not just a marketing vendor.

We started the company by creating a crowd-sourcing campaign to find our new name and to leverage the power of the web. This was wa-ay back in the early days of Twitter. We garnered thousands of responses from all 50 states and from every continent but Antarctica. We talked about our passions and what we wanted to build. Out of those thousands of responses, our name was suggested by DaNice Marshall of Massachusetts, and it has been a great name for our group as we’ve grown since then. Fast-forward five years, and we’ve seen enormous growth – growing from just those 4 people building a business from the ground up in temp office space to the 26 people in offices in Knoxville and Tempe today. We’ve come a long way and we are incredibly grateful.

The following are a few thank you’s for helping us make this list:

Customers: We’ve had a great variety of customers over the years. Some have been customers since the beginning (thanks for growing with us!) and some have been around for more of a project basis. Either way you’ve worked with Pyxl, you’ve been an extremely important part of our growth and in some cases, pushing us into new services we hadn’t even considered before.  Whether you’re B2B or B2C or some mixture of both, thanks for letting us work with you on your projects.

Employees: If you’ve ever done a project with Pyxl, you’ve met at least a subset of the Pyxl team. You know they are passionate about design, development, communications and marketing in general. Ask them their opinion or how they think something could be done and they will give you lots of feedback. We’re an opinionated bunch. But more than that, you give them a mission for a company and they will collaborate and iterate on a project until they feel like it’s going to be great and achieve the goals we set out. They make working with Pyxl unique – if you see a Pyxlite out on the town be sure to congratulate them on this great achievement.

Our Founder: So some of you know Brian, many of you may not. Brian Winter founded Pyxl out of his experience running sales and marketing across a variety of businesses- start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Brian truly loves marketing and I hope you can see that influence in Pyxl today.  We’ve embraced Brian’s passion for marketing and it has made us thoughtful, proactive and always striving to be better at what we do. A very special thanks goes to him and his investment in helping to advise and mentor us over the years.

There are lots of other people who have helped along the way and we are exceedingly grateful. We can’t wait to see where the future takes us. Thanks again and be on the look out for Pyxl around your town! You never know where we might show up.  ;)
Want to work together or just send me a note about your experiences working with Pyxl? I’d love to talk to you. jphillips@thinkpyxl.com

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