hybrid cloud infographic

Use Infographics to Communicate Complex Ideas

Infographics are a great way to communicate complex ideas. Working with our client, Carpathia, we recently created the infographic, Challenges in Managing a Hybrid Cloud, to address a core issue that many people are experiencing in cloud computing today—as more businesses utilize a hybrid cloud, managing these disparate systems has become complex and difficult.

This infographic highlights Carpathia’s newest service, Cloud Operations Platform™ for Amazon Web Services (COP For AWS), an advanced multi-cloud management tool that provides customers with a consolidated portal view to monitor and manage AWS cloud resources and dedicated and private cloud resources in Carpathia’s data centers.

Pyxl used Carpathia’s brand colors to showcase the challenges that businesses face when managing a hybrid cloud. The graphics are simple, to juxtapose the technically difficult subject matter. Emphasis has been placed on key facts, including statistics and biggest challenges with the hybrid cloud environment.

With a subtle call-to-action to learn more about COP for AWS, this resource has become a great way of introducing Carpathia’s hybrid cloud management tools. The addition of this infographic into their repertoire gave the sales team a handy, easy-to-explain resource to showcase the challenges of hybrid cloud and how Carpathia’s services overcome these challenges.


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