Thank You, Pyxl Team!

This past week Pyxl was named one of America’s fastest growing private companies, which is kind of a big deal. I am so excited to have seen the growth and evolution of Pyxl over the past 5 years. But, don’t think for a second it’s done, there is so much more on the horizon. ;)

It is so important to take a look at who and what was behind this growth. We obviously couldn’t have done it without our growing client base, but we also wouldn’t have been able to provide the level of work we have become known for without this badass team.


I wanted to take some time to really thank everyone on the Pyxl team. From Roanoke to Boulder, Knoxville to Tempe, designers, developers and the services team, we couldn’t have done it without you. This was a team effort and I hope each of you feels proud of what we’ve accomplished. Each and every one of you made this success possible!

If you live in any of these cities, you might have seen some recognizable faces chalked on the sidewalks.


Check out all of the chalk drawings on our Facebook page!

These are the faces that made it all possible, and if you see them out on the street you should definitely congratulate them. Just to be clear, you should congratulate the people if you see them walking around, not the chalk drawings…otherwise that’s just weird :).

In addition to the chalk art, we are introducing the Congratulations Tree and the event of Congratulaka, which will be broken out each time we have a reason to celebrate! Lights, presents, awesome.

Congratulations guys!