Social Slam: From a Simple Idea to Social Success

Last week, the second annual Social Slam brought more than 550 people from 20 states and two Canadian provinces to our little city of Knoxville. But in order to bring all these individuals to town, a lot of time and preparation took place behind the scenes.

Now, this isn’t going to be a traditional post of  “5 Things I Learned at Social Slam”, or “Overheard at Social Slam.” This is just a simple account of what all it took to put on a social media conference and the people who deserve to be patted on the back.

I was lucky enough to see the entire planning and implementation process from my very own desk at Pyxl. Not only did our very own Nicole Denton and Brenna DeLeo organize the event, Pyxl hosted the official Social Slam after party.

From hearing discussions of what speakers I could expect to see, having a box fort of all the swag around my desk, to seeing the phases of the banner designs, I was excited to see how it would all turn out. To say the least, I was impressed with my colleagues and how much effort, dedication and intelligence they had to make everything happen.

Social Slam was not put on by one person, but rather by a large group of individuals who spent countless hours making sure that this event ran smoothly and without a hitch.

The initial idea of what we now call Social Slam came about when a group of social media friends came together and wanted to share their insights about the industry. You may know these friends as many of the 2011 Social Slam speakers.

All from different states, there was of course some debate over where this exciting new social media conference would be. As a Knoxville native, Mark Schaefer (part of the group) approached Nicole and Brenna (founders of Social Media Club Knoxville) to see if they would be interested in building a national-scale conference around this get-together. They of course agreed and it was finally decided that Knoxville, due to is centrality and growing social scene, would be home to the conference.

For now two years in a row, Nicole, Brenna and the rest of the SMC Knoxville team pulled together to build an event around the great social media content Mark curated. If you were at Social Slam, you know that this is no easy feat!

So here’s to everyone who planned, volunteered, sponsored, spoke at or attended Social Slam 2012! Without each and every one of you, this event wouldn’t have been a success. I look forward to seeing what Social Slam 2013 will bring and seeing what improvements will be made next year!

  • Kervie Mata

    Shout out to Kervie Mata for driving the U-Haul with all the swag. They couldn't have put all those swag bags without him ;) Kidding. Great job SMC. It's awesome to have a great event like this in K-Ville.

  • Pyxl rocks. Many thanks to my friends for supporting this in so many ways! 

  •  Ha yes Kervie. Many thanks for your impeccable driving skills.

  • HelloKell

     Thanks for all you did, Mark!

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