Responsive Web Design

Optimize Your Viewer’s Experience With Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignWe’re excited to share our newest eBook, A Guide to Responsive Web Design, aimed at helping marketers better understand what it is and how it works. Additionally, our eBook covers what you need to know to be able to design and develop this approach to the web. A responsive site provides users with one website that seamlessly adapts and delivers an optimized viewing experience across a variety of devices consumers are using. Did you know 40% of Internet users prefer visiting a competitor’s site instead of using a website that isn’t optimized for their mobile device?

Although the design and development for a responsive site takes a little more set-up time at first, it’s a wise option to consider if your target audience actively uses mobile devices to conduct research or make purchases while on the go. With the increasing rise of tablet and smartphone purchases, mobile browsing is expected to surpass desktop-based Internet access within the next three to five years. The cost and time associated to develop and maintain multiple sites could be a growing challenge given the rate of mobile device advancements compared to building one responsive site.

Interested in learning how to deliver a positive digital experience, regardless of the device or platform; allowing you to reach your target audience effectively on the devices they use? Download A Guide to Responsive Web Design eBook today!