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6 Reasons Why Vine is a Great Addition to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Did you ever think a six-second video could enhance your digital marketing strategy? A new mobile app called Vine, brought to you by Twitter, is a video-looping service that lets you create and share videos with current and potential customers.

Companies looking to maximize creativity and offer a quick visual have become a driving force behind Vine’s momentum. So how can Vine videos fit into your digital marketing strategy?

1. Digital Evolves: Digital marketing evolves quickly, so it’s a good thing new marketing tools and resources can be implemented. With Vine you can upload a variety of videos on the spot, quickly, timely and with ease. Don’t stick to a single method of marketing; give your audience something new.

2. Digital Survives: Effective digital marketing strategies stand the test of time compared to traditional marketing efforts, especially during an economic downturn. Using the latest digital technologies like Vine engages your audience beyond text, links and photos. These short videos can increase brand recognition and draw in an audience that keeps digital marketing alive.

Dollar Sign3. Cost Effective: Vine videos are a creative, cost-effective solution for any business. A wide variety of videos have already emerged. For example, if you only have a few seconds to sell or showcase a product or service, then pitch or product demo videos could do the trick. You can also share customer feedback videos or show-off your fun behind-the-scenes office footage!

 4. Digital Reach: Digital marketing incorporates both Internet and mobile phone technologies, and because Vine videos can be created and shared on smartphones and computers, with little to no cost, they increase your market reach significantly. For example:

      • Record and upload videos to Twitter and include a relevant hashtag to boost awareness, draw in a new crowd, and engage or re-engage established customers.
      • Blogging is another powerful tool to maximize your reach. Visitors are already engaged reading your blog – why not enrich the experience and further engagement by adding a video?
      • Share videos on YouTube – this site has over 800 million unique users visit each month, a great medium to drive more traffic to your site.

5. Increase Brand Accessibility:In today’s fast-paced digital world we expect everything to be readily available at the click of a button. Digital marketing tools like Vine videos are a great vehicle to spread your message like wildfire and create demand. Take a look at these simple ideas to make your Vine video a social experience, easy to share and accessible:

      • Stream video to multiple devices simultaneously
      • Insert a call-to-action on your website where visitors can watch the video
      • Add social sharing icons so viewers can interact with you and other viewers
      • Embed video into a blog post
      • Upload your video to YouTube

6. New Content: Because of Vine’s simplicity, updating content is as simple as recording a video shot within the app itself and sharing it through Vine, on Facebook or Twitter. Digital marketing makes it easy to provide new content and execute changes instantaneously, and vine supports this.

Whether you’re showcasing a product or service, educating via a demo or sharing live customer feedback, we hope these ideas peaked your interest, sparked creativity and have lead you to at least think about incorporating Vine in your digital marketing strategy.

Vine is currently available for iPhone and iPod touch users, but don’t worry, because bringing Vine to other platforms is already in the works!  To show you what this cool app is all about, here is a video from the 2013 SXSW event Pyxl’s leadership team attended:

How are you using Vine to enhance your digital marketing? Create and share your favorite six-second video with us!