5 Things Not To Do With Your B2B Website

User experience is crucial for converting leads into customers using your business-to-business website.  Here’s a list of the top 5 mistakes to avoid when creating or maintaining a successful B2B site.

1. Don’t Ignore Usability

When a customer realizes a site is not optimized for their mobile device or tablet:

Solution: Implement responsive web design to optimize your viewers’ experience on every device.

2. Don’t Make Valuable Information Hard to Find

When a user can’t figure out what your company does or how to buy your services:

Solution: Post valuable, informative content on your homepage and provide plenty of calls-to-action and opportunities for visitors to click through your site.

3. Don’t Post Content That Is Not Search Engine Optimized

When your site doesn’t show up in search results:

Solution: If your website does not appear in search results, it may as well not exist. Using a combination of social media and long-tailed keywords can help increase your ranking and maximize your marketing.

4. Don’t Forget to Update Your Site

When your website hasn’t been updated since 2003:

This is such poor practice it deserves a double GIF.

Solution: Update your site and content regularly. Additionally, update social media and blog posts daily, if possible, to engage potential customers and maintain relevancy.

5. Don’t Neglect Leads

When a lead chooses another service over yours:

Solution: Cry. Then pull yourself together and implement an aggressive lead nurturing campaign, interact regularly with customers and leads, and rejoice that you will never feel this sad again.

Luckily, you can avoid each of these downfalls by using Demand Generation and Responsive Web Design to optimize your sites and provide updated, useful content for your users. 

[GIFs courtesy of  reaction gifs, victorious, gif-central, tumblr and what should we call grad school]

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