3 Blogger Outreach Ideas That Work

In the past few years especially, blogs have come to the forefront of media. On WordPress alone, over 397 million people view more than 4.1 billion pages each month, so it’s no surprise that brands around the world are trying to tap into niche blogs to spread the word about their businesses.

You may or may not know this about me, but in my spare time, I’m a (of a top 100 wedding blog, might I add), so I get TONS of pitches everyday from brands looking to get me to write about them on the Plunge Project. That said, the vast majority aren’t doing it very well.

The difference between a niche blog and a more traditional news media outlet is that bloggers are generally not interested in covering your press release. Frankly, when it comes to my blog, I could care less about your latest product line or your new location…and that’s because my readers feel the same way. I can’t let my blog (my baby) become a stream of press releases. I want to provide VALUE to my readers on topics they care about, because that’s why people read it…and I’d venture to guess most bloggers share my sentiment when it comes to being pitched.

So, to help the PR pros trying to secure blog coverage and the bloggers interested in sharing interesting information with their readers, here are 3 blogger outreach ideas that would work on the Plunge Project, and likely on a majority of other niche blogs as well…

1. Infographics

I love featuring infographics on my blog. In fact, there is one wedding-related brand that has gotten significant coverage on my blog because they consistently send me relevant and interesting infographics. That said, when it comes to infographics, be creative. I can’t tell you how many “Average Wedding Cost” infographics have landed in my inbox. Try to create an infographic on something no one else has, or try to find a new and interesting way to look at the data.

2. Trends

Using the Plunge Project as an example again, let’s say you work for a jeweler with a unique line of colored diamonds. Sending me a press release about said line won’t work. What will work is sending me a story idea about how colored diamonds are a hot engagement ring trend for 2013 and offering up insight from one of the top executives at your company on the trend.

Trends translate across industries, so whether you’re in the wedding industry per this example, or are a B2B enterprise managed hosting provider like our client Carpathia Hosting, bloggers love trends, and you should always be able to find a way to pitch them.

3. Bigger Picture Stories

Sure, you might think the product you’re selling is the coolest thing since sliced bread, but as a blogger, I probably don’t. That said, your product might fit well into what I like to call “bigger picture stories.” Using my blog as the example again, many companies have gotten coverage by pitching their products as singular pieces of larger stories.

For instance, many wedding blogs are talking 1920’s-inspired weddings thanks to the upcoming Great Gatsby release. Pitch me a 1920’s-inspired wedding gown to use in a post about 1920’s Wedding Inspiration, and you’re likely to see coverage as part of the piece. Sure, the entire article isn’t about you, but you’re still going to see results because as a blogger, I’m an influencer, and I’ve just endorsed your product.

Marketers: What other ways have you found success connecting with bloggers?

Bloggers: What other ways have marketers been successful in connecting with you?